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  1. HubStand proline kit

    Our price:  £1,544.99 (plus VAT)

    B-G Racing Hubstand kit This advanced and proven equipment enables complete suspension and alignment set up, ride heights,camber and toe angles without the wheels and tyres attached. Hubstands set up is far quicker and more precise than using tyres, with accuracy being measured to within 0.01 degree. The equipment also eliminates the need to constantly roll the car on and off the scales, greatly reducing the set up time. Hubstands Proline are height adjustable with a 15cm x 30cm low resistance, high load roller bearing wheeled base. Every set of Hubstands comes with one type of multi pattern hub plate that fits more than one bolt pattern per set. Each set also includes four unique toe sticks, precisely machined to fit perfectly parallel to the hub face for stringing or at the bottom of the Hubstand for measuring total toe.